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English lexis- semantics fields
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Traveling abroad
In literature we have many examples of describing travelling abroad. The semantic field is not totally clear, because these texts are describing countries, cities, buildings and forms of travel. The semantic field of travelling abroad is overlapping with semantics fields of architecture, art, geography, culture, history, sports, etc.
I analysed two type of text. The first one is describing a cultural tour in Vienna and second one is about an adventure in Africa.

My first night I did what’s expected in this Old World city noted for symphonies, opera, and Freud, where ….

Old World –semantic field of history, special connotation, became compound, synonym
Eastern hemisphere, with special reference to Europe, Africa and Asia, the part of
world known to European before contact with the Americas, as opposed,
antonym to the New World.

I’m overwhelmed by the bold Gothic and decoration-giddy rococo architecture, interspersed with art-deco touches, the beauty not betraying damages inflicted during World War II.
The copper-domed Hofburg palace, edged in gold lattice and hosting a party of winged beasts on its roof, is home to the Imperial Apartments, the former in-town digs of Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Joseph; the ubiquitous chandeliers and red velvet furnishing become almost monotonous features as one troops through room after room of them.
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