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Play and Creativity

God's Will

If some of you found themselves in a situation, where they had to adopt a for them unacceptable solution in spite of their expectations, you will sure say that I’m right, that God exists. In everyone of us.
WE are him.
In other words, God is in us.
I will write some exercises, for those who didn’t meet yet , where you will say I’m right, that God always helps you, when needed. You just have to use your hands.
I met a homeless man once, and he asks me: Do you need help?
I answer: No.
I keep on walking and I meet a homeless woman.
She’s asking me: You look lost, do you need help?
I answer her: No.
I sit in the car and I wait,
until everybody leaves and I will help myself.
In that instant I notice, that the last person is leaving the street.
It’s a woman.
She’s walking towards my car and she stretches her arm as she would ask for help.
My car door opens automatically and the woman tells me:
What, do you need help?
Yes, I answer.
AND THIS WOMAN led me to my waiting daughter.


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