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A Birthday Party
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A Birthday Party
In July, last year, my friend had a big party. He was in his house. He invited only friends. My friend Ben was eighteen years old and his parents left to holiday to Egypt. They had a big family house with a big swimming pool.

First I and Ben decorated the house with the balloons. At five o`clock p.m. the friends started coming. After that we gave the presents to Ben and party could start. Ben served alcohol but soft drink too. He prepared some snack for us. He gave some crips and nuts to the bowl. I baked a big tart with eighteen candles. Everybody was very funny. We listened to music- heavy metal, hip-hop, rock and so and we danced. Till then it was a really good party. Unfortunately, while I was cutting my tart one of our friends was drunk and he fell into the swinmming pool. We helped him and saved him. One of my friends called the emergency services. The emergency services came and took him to the hospital. It was an unhappy and a sudden end of Bens` party. The party went on until ten o`clock p.m.
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