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Why Psychotherapy is my Home
The stuff of psychotherapy seem hopelessly obvious.
Dishonest man, The irrational patterns of feeling, perception, and behavior are not chosen or established on a conscious level!
These habits develop outside of awareness and nonverbaly, what realy hurt.
Why do this and how it happends?
What's the difference between intellectual leaving and great gift of psychotherapy?
To learn how to find out relief, we resist ones again because it is so painful.
More than a new session need to add a page that desribes resistance in moral detail.
Otherwise the treatment won't work.
Understanding, Why psychotherapy is the goal, as opposed to other kinds of help.
You are probably ona right track.
Psychology can sound so asimine on talk shows.
EVAN/ exapmples
fear of time
stuck in anxiety and confusion
Evan was experiencing in session what should be happening in psychotherapy.
all of his mother's anxieties

what's the cure?
what does psychotherapy do?
Psychotherapy is supposed to opposite shrink.
Evan doesn't talk for the first five sessions.
Class down
influencing behavior or others
you ussually can't get him admit that ont loud
true case of attention deficit
What hurts is not.
"I can't focus."
Emotional problems turns out to be a problem focusing anxiety and anger an anterfering with sexual activity
undiagnosed for the 17 years of the boys life
and defences:
is Suzie feeling accused, put down, humiliated.
Intuitive sense of what defense is.
Uncomfortable defenses run amoke
aloof he acts
noone will hire him
perosnality problems
pain and nasty skin rash
watching too much television late into the night
The rest of the time, he begins to suffer baqck pain
Indipendence, "cool."
Harry becomes with drawn, almost paranoid phobias, panic attacts, Defences protect Paranoid Peronality Disorder
Under DSM Diagnosis,
his health insurance claims more realisitic pictures how sympoms develop.

he came up to image "the one was fog"
staying safely
behavior seem irrational
"Go get the padde"
inner psychological agenda
strong sense of isolation
verge of being discovered
What's more
anticipiate his father's reaction
Ron never felt
his work beying hampered
desision he was more than competent
monitoring feeling
Theme there was a change.
^father's displeasure
cons, the same scenarios unproductive rigid.
^because her husband just left her
she's calm
she's nat around
son's exploration of his environment.
another adult.
physical and emotional sustenance
wild stressor
endlessly apologizing
Such is the bully
^^ This is the way of Universe.
such feelings could never happen again.
to us and we learn form it.
In this understanding which enables patients to change their attitudes We reconize a lost soul.
anxiety of doing wrong thing.
behavior is particulary attuned
to his mother's moods
fearful of her outbursts.
Terms of what
"in pain"
the whole point of the process.

Psychotherapy is about understanding that irrationality.
Remains solidarity, timid, constricted,
World illustrations.
Approach/ avoid conflict
feel safe, happy, and in control than gets counght
Various therapy currently in vogue increasing awareness,
Practice with various techniques.
Result of quality.

How psychotherapy works.
Stop looking at it did't get his way worthless
compulsive, depressive, type A,B,
end in strange territory
you can't benefit from it, it's worthless.
it is only you who can say he is right
Psychotherapy is a dialog.
No Therapiest will be right all the time.
Entertaing Specuations
Psychobabble that have no impact on your life,
your behavior, your feelings.
*Therapiest helped you to discovered truth about yourself.
In the latter, you must speak up.
material helping you make the changes you want.
Argument eith your life.
Maybe I need a vocation.
You can't understand, how to do this.
geting clear guidance it's probably time to change therapiest.
Final words is yours.
New Miracles

The only time the lost would be appropriate is if he is telling about himslef to help yuo understand your own life.
The minute your're bored or lost,
speak up.
You got no satisfying response.
It is time to find another therapiest.
Another opinion to weight.
it is case where you are simply not functioning.
Interestes from all the advice arround you.
That's what you pay him for.

he wants to borrow money from you
your therpaiest wants you to have sex from him
visit his country house
don't stop and think.
just get out!
You don't need to have a beer with your therapiest.
Improving your life true psychotherapy.
: When you want to.
:no therapiest should be telling you who to date, marry, travel with.
what you want is for your therapiest
psychological motivations
in those desitions, not for him to take over you.
your current love sounds to like him.
other kinds of impact.
sidewalk cross or catastrophe will bafall him.
obsessive behavior
it changes
into steam

if you really have no symptoms other than elevator fobia. "behavior therpaiest" talk to the best therapiest you can find what kind of treatment you need. can be very useful with some of children's specific problems such as tantrums, bed meeting, toilet training, and phobias.

*intelectual stimulation and knowledge
continuing eduaction
Course fee: 8000
select your profession:


Center on Stress and Perso
(Case Seminars)
Interviews in Audio Streams.


Callendar in 2004
Field Museum
3 Day event

Miracles Happen
every day.

Planned Giving
Circle of Care
Heroes for Children's
* you come to be a psychotherpaiest
Dr Arnold lazarus:
Dr Morton Schatzman:

I came to be a psychotherpaiest.
point in order to be a therapiest go on studying anatomy
No, you don't have to go to medical school"
You can indeed continie with psychology and traing in that area and practice therapy.
and become a mediacl doctor.
they don't do it
in their own lifes
what they practice is for tham patients
^Cognitive behavioral therapy
Assestment Therapy
from initial interviews
chartered preventing relapse
clinical psychologist
counseling psychologist
accredited counselors

by Stanislava Leslie
Los Angeles, California

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