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Why Psychotherapy is my Home
The stuff of psychotherapy seem hopelessly obvious.
Dishonest man, The irrational patterns of feeling, perception, and behavior are not chosen or established on a conscious level!
These habits develop outside of awareness and nonverbaly, what realy hurt.
Why do this and how it happends?
What's the difference between intellectual leaving and great gift of psychotherapy?
To learn how to find out relief, we resist ones again because it is so painful.
More than a new session need to add a page that desribes resistance in moral detail.
Otherwise the treatment won't work.
Understanding, Why psychotherapy is the goal, as opposed to other kinds of help.
You are probably ona right track.
Psychology can sound so asimine on talk shows.
EVAN/ exapmples
fear of time
stuck in anxiety and confusion
Evan was experiencing in session what should be happening in psychotherapy.
all of his mother's anxieties

what's the cure?
what does psychotherapy do?
Psychotherapy is supposed to opposite shrink.
Evan doesn't talk for the first five sessions.
Class down
influencing behavior or others
you ussually can't get him admit that ont loud
true case of attention deficit
What hurts is not.
"I can't focus."
Emotional problems turns out to be a problem focusing anxiety and anger an anterfering with sexual activity
undiagnosed for the 17 years of the boys life
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