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Class and my Classmates
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When I walk into my graduation event,first what touched my eye is an empty chair next to my friend Peter. Famous soccer player, who agreed on invitation with a two month advance. My very red dress A La Meril was costume made in the city of Prievidza and my red a La Monroe shoes JAS.  I was obligated to assist to direct a final event as scripted with a help of 14 Prievidza County bording girls and a young women and party went owesome! I was a police, a siger, a commentator, an aerobic model, a piano teacher. Hight School still on in timing as my degree is still open for future references. My Classmates are sending me postacrds from all over the world while traveling, enjoying honymoons, getting married, remarried, celebrating Christmas Eve... My number still the same and my luck still come to me every time when it smel coffee. My script Dafnis and Chloe is almost edited and a new storyboeard still waiting in the country of Slovakia to be discovered. Don't know why some people are shy when nothing to be shy about.
There have been rainy night in Los Angeles last night and that make my yoga class unaccesible for today. Shall I wait or shall I go?

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