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Story about a human body articular captules, intervertebral joints, posterior longitudial ligament and interspinous ligaments walked one day into a Starbucs and what happend then? Than?
When, at the end?
There is Life.
What does the life feels like?
Life feels like skin.
Soft, pampered, warm.
What does Life smell like?
Smells like an ocean, salty, dirty.
What does life kiss like?
No kisses.
What does life look like?
It looks like Apollo 13 up there.
But no airplans and no turists.
The Beach place has an ash on it's body and I wasn't sure if what is on my left side is fatamorgana.
But it sure looks like a water or whas it just a reflection of my friend's camera in space?
Don't kno. A lanses, an eye drop an salty eye secret a reflection of the Sun.
Feels as a reflection of the Sun,
because of it's temperature.
I wish Edison can see that.

I. See what?
To see that Beauty.
The innocent atmosphere of Space.
He will sure be able to number it.

Do they have day or nights?
They have 5.PM Light California's Pacific Time. Satelittes may be around to focusing the light on Earth.

What about an information?
Do they think?
They sure feel as much they think we think.

How much they can feel?
How much is worth Ones Life?

II. The Light was on all the time?
How long have you stay at the Space like this?

18 minutes.
How long is 18 minutes?
Two to twenty.
Can you say fourty?
40 what?
Yes, I could, I could say so.
How much time do you need to come back?
To come back?
To come back where?
To come back.
15 minutes 700 seconds.
In California Time?
In Pacific Time?
Don't know , never thought of it that way!

As the matter of fact,
you don;t think of it
when you traveling in Space
this way.

III. Walki in
You have to fyzically be here.
Orbit Space is turbulating.
Don't swallow.
Don't swallow so you can puke if you have to..

IV. The rest
Then I've unpacked my bags, and I went to bed.
TV was on?
TV is on all the time.
What's in the TV now?
Framkenstein, HBO.
california time?
Pacific Time, 11. PM nov.1st, 2003.
is anybody back with you?

Leave it.
Because of the cold when yuo come back.

by stanka leslie
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