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My holiday story
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I like an exciting holiday. I like when something is going on.
I was on holiday with my family in Turkey two years ago. We flew by plane. When we arrived at night we found out that one piece of our luggage was at the airport in Bratislava. In this luggage were my clothes. We had to buy some and I wore my brother’s clothes, too. We stayed in Hotel Jasmine in a big room with a colour TV and a fridge. I slept usually to 7 a.m. and I had breakfast in the restaurant. Every day we went to the beach. The sun was shining; the sand was gold-white. I immediately jumped into the water. We visited many of confectioneries and restaurants every day. I usually relaxed with the computer and television. I played games and watched news. One day I met the beautiful girl from Belgium. We fell in love. We were spent all nights together. We walked a lot. But she left soon and I was unhappy. I’m still in contact with her. We were there for 10 days.
Now, I’m unhappy from duty called school.
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