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David Lodge
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"Traditional romance as a genre tends to just pile on the surprises without bothering to make them convincing. The realistic novel tries to make them seem part of the representation of the real."
"I think you can tell I am a teacher and critic in my novels, because I am careful to give the readers all the information and clues they need to follow and understand my meaning. Some critics think I try too hard to control the reader’s response. It is not for me to say. I certainly see writing as essentially communication, as a rhetorical activity. And in the highest sense I think art must entertain, or give delight."

British museum is falling down (1965)
Changing places (1975)
Ginger, you’re barmy (1962)
How far can you go? (1980) [U.S. title Souls and bodies]
Nice work (1988)
Out of the shelter (1970)
Small world: an academic romance (1984)
Paradise news (1991)

The picturegoers (1960)
Therapy (1995)
Thinks (2001)
Literary criticism by David Lodge
After Bakhtin: essays on fiction and criticism (1990)
The art of fiction (1992)
Language and fiction (1966)
The modes of modern writing (1977)
The novelist at the crossroads (1971)
The practice of writing (1996)
Working with structuralism (1981)
Write on: occasional essays 65-85 (1986)

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Zdroje: Lodge, Lodge, Lodge, Lodge, Morace, R.A., The Dialogic Novels of Malcolm Bradbury and David Lodge, Southern Illinois University Press
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