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What does it mean "to be famous"
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Famous person is well known by a lot of people. But fame has as many negatives as positives. You have success, money, plenty of supporters, you´re an idol for many young people. But where´s the happiness when you´ve got no freedom? Media watch every step you make, the things they write or say about you are not true, but you can´t do anything. When you want to relax for a while, you have to disguise and hide yourself. So, is it worth this all?

Nowadays everyone can become famous. He doesn´t need to win any competition, invent new things – he doesn´t even need any talent or special skills! Just take part in some reality show, record few songs or play in one average film – but don´t forget! Do as many scandals as possible!
In my opinion, there are many scientists, actors, singers, politics, sportsmen and women and other great people as Mother Theresa, Stephen Hawking, Bono Vox, Michael Moore, Lance Armstrong...who achieved so much and are really worth the admiration. They are the real idols.
Not the ´famous stars´, but the simple and modest people change the world and make it better.
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