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18 Greencroft Gardens
London NW 6
Tuesday 16 May

Dear Stephanie

How are you? I’m very well. I came to London two weeks ago to study at a language school. I want to learn English because it is a very important language. I’m staying with an English family called Bennett. They have two sons and a daughter. Mr Bennett is a teacher, and Mrs Bennett works in a hospital. English people are very kind, but they speak very quickly!
I study in the morning. My teacher name is Ann. She sold me my English is OK, but I make a lot of mistakes. Ann doesn’t give us too much homework, so in the afternoons I always go sightseeing. London is much bigger than my town. I like much painting very, and I’m very interested in modern art, so I visit galleries and museums. I have met a girl called Christina. She cames from Greece and she has a lovely flat near Regent’s Park. Last night we went to the cinema, but the film wasn’t very exciting.
Would you like to visit me in London? Why don’t you come for a weekend?

Write to me soon. I’d love to see you.


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