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Summer holiday
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I went to Croatia for one week with my parents and sister. There was very nice weather and there was 32 degrees Celsius. The first day the sun was shining and I want to try bungee jumping. It was one of those situations that gets the adrenalin going. I was sure that I jumped down. I did it. It was exciting, but I lost my shoe. I don´t know how it happend. I had to buy some.

The next day we went to the sand beach. There was beautiful. Sea was dotted with ships. I immediately jumped into the water and I found octopus, which was in old ceramic vase with hole. It was viscid.The water was great as well. After swimming at sea, we had lunch. I was so hungry that I ate all we had. Then we went with full belly to town and there were many tourists as we.

But the best thing about Croatia was ice-cream, which they had in many flavours.I can´t resist.

I never forget for this holiday




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