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My brother
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Of all my relatives, I like my brother Ján the best. He lives in Bratislava because he is studying at the university in the biggest town of Slovakia, but he goes to Humenné twice a month. He likes when he can do this what he wants. He is very happy person. He is very tall, he has short brown hair and he has blue-green eyed. He is the sort of person you can always go to if you have a problem.

He likes playing football, tennis and ice hockey or other funny sports. He’s a very active person. He likes doing all what is healthy for he. He likes doing something on the computer or his notebook. He is good at languages for example English and Deutsch. He’s extremely generous, but no very tolerant with people who don’t agree with his. He is very popular in the group of people. I hope that I will as clever as he is when I’m his age and I want to go to BA.
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