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My dreamhouse
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If I had the opportunity to design my own house, I would start with where to build it. Undoubtedly, it would be erected in some suburban area - not too much close to the rush of a city, but also not totally isolated somewhere. The area must be of low rate of crime and with all services provided to the citizens - markets, post office, hospital, police station, school, library etc. Simply put, the place absolutely convenient for bringing up children and comfortable lifestyle.

The house consists of a cellar and a basement,ground-floor, first and second-floor and an attic to store lots of dropped stuff. This is the basic layout.

The house conforms to modern lifestyle. There is a central computer system that stores all the information about central heating, security, breakdowns and are thoroughly monitored. So the house can be easily maintained. The central heating is automatically set up according to the internal air temperature. When the house is empty, e.g. you are gone on holiday, it is automatically set to safe mode, it means that house runs on low-energy consumption. The whole house is well-secured. There is a special security system that signals all unknown infiltrations of the house to the local police.

The whole house is aesthetically pleasing. The front garden is formed by a rock garden, a pond and a cobbled drive that leads to the garage. The back garden consists of a greenhouse and a summerhouse.

When a guest enters the hall and follows upstairs, he is given a basic information about members of my family by portraits hanging on the wall that are sorted chronologically.

There aren't any dark or gloomy rooms inside but the windows have Venetian blinds that are controlled by voice and when they are turned on, they securely prevent any light from penetrating into the room. So you can make a night at every time you wish.

Sitting room has excellent acoustics for home-theatre system. At the corner there is a real fireplace - not artificial.
There are two bedrooms, both have tiles and basic equipment - toilet, washbasin, bathtube and a medicine cabinet.
All three bedrooms in the house have double beds, bedside tables and a wardrobe.
Dining room - contains all modern appliances and equipment - washing machine, freezer, fridge, cooker, sink, draining board and a large work surface. Consumption of food is permanently monitored by a modern online food-stuff system and if there's any lack of something , it is automatically ordered via internet and it is delivered to the house within 24 hours.

But house doesn't make a home.
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