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Elisabeth Bathory: Čachtický castle
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Generally about castles on central Považie:
Long chain of castles has begun from Čachtický castle and Strečno has finished this chain. These castles have built along river Vah. Specific of this chain was it, that people could mind from castle to castle.
Most of these castles were build through feudalism and they were property of king. Royal military garrison was live in them through this time. After king dealt them to noblmans and they become residence of noble garrison.
15. century: The aristocracy changed interior and they bilt falling – bribges.
16. century: The aristocracy built and reinforced walls, palisades and bastions on shooting, because it was important sake invention of gunpowder. This work was make to Italian architects. They also made wall – paintings, gobelins, crystal glasses to windows and stone coats-of-arms. Italian architects brought Renaissance to Slovakia.
17. a 18. century: Corporativ activists crushed castles during their rebellion. Aristocracy migrated to warmer, agreeabler and stylisher manor-houses or mansions.
After 18. century: Castles remained expose to elements as: frost, vegetation, wind and rain.
...castles has chaned to ruins...

Čachtický castle
The first write documents about Čachtice proverd from 1276. Matúš Čák Trenčiansky was first owner. When he died castle owner became Ctibor from Beckov. Čachtice gradually different owner. For example: Michal Orság, Uršula Kanizsai. Her son František Nádašdy gained all castle till the 22th August 1602. This castle became infamous sake his wife Elisabeth Bathory. Her children dealet property on three parts. Names of her children were: Pavol Nádašdy with his wife Judit Révay, Katrina with her husband Juraj Drugent and Anna with her husband Mikuláš Zrinsky. Among sibs were disagreement. All her children died very young. Elisabeth was last one who lived on castle. Tipstaffs lived there after her.

Dominant of castle was big 5.storeyed tower. Belong it stood 3.storeyed apartment. Watch-tower above gate and 2 massive bastions used for defence. Castle sectionalized on down, central and upper part. Down and central part used for defence and economic view. Large hall of castle, dinner room, room for noblemen and rooms of administator of an estate. There was also 2.storeyed chapel and under it was large and arched room. Most of furnishings were bring to the mansion. In room of controllor Gašpar Očkay were wooden desks, chairs and engraved beds, cabinets. Big green furnace stood in the corner. White and rare furnaces stood in rooms of noblemen.

Potention of guns on castle consist of: 4 mortars, 3 halberds, 7 „ fire shots“, 4 ton gunpowder and 50 weapons.
Aristocracy lived in mansion in these times and castle slowly retrograded. František Nádašdy grandson of Alžbeta Báthory begun with reconstructions of castle in 1664. Repairmen rebilt fall-bridge, walls, windows, roof, roofliner, walls around castle, stairs and acorridor. Reconstructions finished in 1670. František Nádašdy was executed as one of leader Thókóly rebellion. His property also Čachtický castle were confiscate and castle was ignited. Confiscate property was probably 237 887 golds. Castle is only ruines now.
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