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Healthy lifestyle
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There are illnesses and injuries which cannot be helped by any vaccine. It`s hared to prevent bone fractures or appendictis.
Prevention is the best medicine. We shouldn`t underestimate even a mild cold.
A good form of prevention is a visit to a spa. Spas are frequented not just by sich people, but healthy ones as well. In a beautiful setting, nature and good food the body gets a chace to rest and pick up fresh energy.

More and more people of today seem to realize that a good health means a longer and happier life. Therefore they take a better care of their health than before. The idea of phzsical fitness is supported by the media, journals, cinema, TV and advertisements.
In the Third World countries too many people are starving and the epidemies of plague, cholera, typhus and malaria are a part of everyday life.

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to me?
Have a regular daily routine, sufficient sleep, take a rest, overwork, avoid excitement, no smoking, no or little alcohol, healthy, wholesome food, be on a diet, physical training, go in for sports, go for walks, take a walk, jogging, harden the body

What is meant by wholesome food? What is your idea of whole- some food?
enough/lot of vitamins, eat fruit and raw vegetables, drink good water
eat slowly, take time to eat, eat more times a day in small amounts, eat at a nicely table
not eat smoked meat and sausages, not drink spirits, little salt and spices, little or no coffeine
eat preferably lean meat, fish, poultry, cereals, fibrous food, dark bread instead of white, vegetable oil and butter
avoid fat meat, animal fat and high calorie dishes

stop skipping meals – neprerušovať jedlá
don`t cut doo many calories – neuberať príliš veľa kalórií
beware of finger food – vyhýbajte sa jedlu, kt. je na hryzkanie
stop using condiments like ketchup or tatar sauce – nepoužívať korenia
go vegetarian twice a year – byť vegetariánom 2 krát do roka
eat slowly – jesť pomaly
eat smaller portions – jesť menšie porcie
skip late-night munches –neprežierať sa v noci

How important is staying healthy for you?
I believe that health is: one of the most important aspects of life/extremely precious/more valuable than money.
When you are healthy, you not only have no aches and pains but you are: also physically fitter/more emotionally balanced/ better socially adjusted/...
I try to protect my health by ...
Also, I avoid health hayards such as: tobacco/excess alcohol/drugs/...
I think my lifestyle is quite healthy because ...
I feel my lifestyle could be healthier if I ...

How do heredity , environment, medical science and lifestyle influence our health?
Which one is the most important for our health?
Heredity can affect, for example ...
Environmental factor, such as ..., can lead to ...
Medical science can help by ...
Our lifestyle can influence ...
I think that ... is the most important for our health because ...

Healthy people feel better and live longer. Our health depends on our lifestyle. We are, therefore, responsible for our own health. Here`s what we can do:
Have a balanced diet that will provide the needed minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Fresh foods are the best, including plenty of vegetables and fruits. Fatty, fried or sugary foods should be limited. Eat on a regular schedule, but not too late in the evening—and avoid the temptation to overeat.
Set aside time for daily exercise. You will be less prone to illness and obesity, as well as feel fiter and stronger. Choose an activity that you enjoy and that is not too strenuous.
Drink enough liquid every day - such as water, herf teas or juices.
Limit your time in the sun to avoid skin damage caused by the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. Also, practise good hygiene and proper grooming.
Keep your mind in good order – for example, don`t succumb to bad moods or depression. Rather, try to be happy and cheerful – and smile more. Love and friendship are also very important for the well-being of our psyche.
Spend some time outdoors each day and breathe in fresh clean air.
Have about 8 hours of sleep every night to avoid feeling tired, weak or irritable during the day. For better rest, sleep in room that is not overheated and has some air circulation.
8.Turning away from health risks
Avoid any health-destroying substances such as drugs, tobacco or excessive alcohol.

Why shouldn`t you smoke :
Smoking causes diseases like cancer of the lungs.
Smoking is a waste of money and health.
Smoking causes coughing and other health troubles
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