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Is it good to be a famous person?

Are famous people happy? I think, this question is asked by „normal people“ all over the world. It is for me hard to answer this question, because I am not a famous person. In my view, it is good to be a famous person and I will give you some reasons for this.

Firstly, I think, famous people are very rich and mighty. They can buy whatever they want. They travel and they get to know other people, cultures all the world over. They can digest a lot of beautiful experiences.

I think, it is a beautiful feeling to have a lot of fans, who love you. You get a lot of nice presents from them.

On the other hand, they sometimes feel alone. They think, that people love them, because they are rich and famous. On account of that, famous people sometimes take drugs or drink alcohol with medicine. It is horrible. The next disadvantage is, that they can not go where they want alone. They have not any privacy. In addition they are sometimes in danger, because of people who want to kill them.

In conclusion, we can see that it is not always good to be a famous person. It is sometimes a hard job.

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