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Sea Stories
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This is the story one young man, who hat a white hair...

“One day, my two brother and I were coming back from the island. All at once the horizon was coverd with a cloud and in less than a minute we were in a terrible storm. An enormous wave covered our boat and my younger brother fell overboard. My elder brother put his mouth close to my ear and sceamed out the horrifying word- wirpool! With the wind and waves we were goingin the direction of the wirpool, and nothing could save us! It may seem strange, but at the moment, when we were on the edge of the wirpool, I felt calmer than we were moving towards it. We went round and round. Suddenlz we went over the edge. I said [rayer to Gpd, I thought mz life was over. But moment after moment passed and I was still safe. The boat was on the inside of the enourms wirpool and we were going round in circles at great speed. I saw cleary that there were other objects in the wirpool - trees and barrels. I tied myself to a barrel to help me float. I dived into the see to trz and escape. As can you see I did escape. Some time after I left the boat, with mz brother in it it sank into the botom of the wirpool. In the end a boat picked me up. I was exhausted. The fisherman were my old friends, but they didnt recognise me. When I told them my story, they did not belive it. Now I have told you and i cannot expect you to belive mo more than the fisherman.”
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