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Education, Schools in Great Britain
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Priary schools are almost in every village and so all the children have a chance to attend them and can learn to read, wrie and count etc. During the first four years of elementary school pupils have the same teacher for almost all subjects. He or she is also their class-teacher. During the last four years they have different teachers for different subjects. At the age of 14 children have to decide about their further studies. The best ones can attend Gymnasia - general education aimed for students who intend to study at universities, other go on study at vocational schools - specialized schools preparing pupils for certain professions, jobs. Both gymnazia and vocational schools are finished with matura. Less bright pupils have a chance to be trained at apprentice schools and will be specialized for varios, mostly maual jobs as skilled workers. Gymnazia teach general subjects on quite a high academic level and their graduates have possibility to study at univerities after successful entry exams. There are various types of secondery vocational schools in the SR. There are schools for engeneering, electronics, chemistry, catering, there are so called trade academies, music schools and also the School of Librarianship and Information Studies - the only one located in Bratislava. The programme at these schools lasts four years and is completed also by the school leaving exams - written and oral. Further stage of education in our country is university study. There are quite a lot of universities here, the best known being the Comenius University in BA. It has several faculties, Faculty of medicine, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education and Faculty of Management. University students are called undergraduates and those who finish studies are graduates. Some graduates feel like or have to study further and those are called post-gradual students. Some students can continue their studies at superstructural courses. These courses train them for various specializations. The top administrative authority for eucation in our country is the Ministry of Education with the minister at its head. The heads of primary and secondary schools are headteachers. The head of university is a rector, his deputies are vice-rectors, and the head of a faculty is a dean and his deputies are vice-deans. After finishing university study with final state exams, the graduates have a fesive occasion - graduation ceremony and a given diplomas. .
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