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American literature
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History of American Literature

American literature the first half of 18th century was leither religious (influenced by pesimistic ideas of Puritans about man's life on Earth) or documentary describing travels and new country. Later, after Signing of a Declaration of Independence literature was political, including political documents or speches or esseys on american society.
In the beginning of the 19th century a new romantic movement appeared. The spirit of Freedom, Independence and democracy spread across the country. JAMES FENIMORE COOPER - The last of the Mohycans. He wrote mainly adventure stories in which the good won over of the evil. The most popular are Lather stocking series including The last of the Mohycans about Indians and cowboys, in his books living in peace and harmony.

He was a gambler and drinker and mentally ill, in his private life, but he is considered to be the founder of the modern detective story, full of horror and mystery. For example: The black cat, The Murders, The rue morgue, The pit and the pendulum. He wrote esseys about poetry. As a poet he was a master of rhymes and creatin moods. The most famous of his poem The Raven always repeating the word "never more."

WALTER WHITMAN - Leaves of Grass
Influended so colled free - vers and introduced new themes into new peotry. As - dirty cities, ordinary workers or sexual love (physical love). He believed in man and his power. All his peoms are in the book Leaves of Grass from which the Song of myself is the most famous one. Realism

In the second half of the 19th century great changes took place in people lifes. Trade and manufactures grew rapidly and writers moved from Romantism towards Realism. MARK TWAIN - spent his childhood near the Mississippi River. He wrote many humorous sketches and tales. His the best none books are The adventure of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, where he depicts many temporary problems as slavery or freedom, but throught the eyes of a small boy.

JACK LONDON - was so called selfmade man - didn't get much education but read many books. He was influenced also by Marx and his theory of class struggle. The most popular are his adventure book from Klondike gold rush and sea. Some names of the books: The call of the wild, The sea wolf, Love of life and other stories. THEODOR DREISER - wrote about real people living in the cities and theirs social problems. His heroes are usually unable to assert their will.
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