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Cinema vs. video
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I decided to write this essey becouse I want to compare watching video at home and cinema.
To start with opinion of some people.People argue that cinema is more expensive than watching video at home. It is true but if some family have´t got video or DVD player, they have to buy this expensive appliance and they have to borrow films from videothek that costs money. So the video is not a lot of cheaper further more you will see film at cinema months before.

Secondly, however watching video at home is more confortable than seating in seat, in cinema is much better sound ,becouse you are in large hall which amplifiers pleasure of watching film.
Thirdly, in my wiew the cinema is better allthought is more expensive. You can meet friends there and divert with them. That you can´t do if you only stay at home and look at the box.

To sum up cinema is winner in this comparing but more and more people buy home cinema. We neglect cinema and we should not do it becouse it is best way to fight off bad feelings.
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