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Young People and Society
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Generation gap
In general this term means really big difference between two or three generations. I know exactly what generation gap means. I live with my granmother and my mother in the same flat. We moved there six years ago and now we can see, how big mistake we made. Every discussion between me and my granmother ends with an argue. We fight about my clothes, the food I don’t want to eat, music I like, movies that I watch, length of the time that I spend ouside and a way prepare for the school. She is in many ways really old-thinking, like most people in her age.
They have so many life experiences and think they have to protect us from everything. Maybe they don’t know that the society has been changed and the life of our generation is guite different.

In Petrzalka, part of Bratislava, where I live are many cases connected with drugs. In my life I met a lot of people who wanted me to try drugs, but they were only soft. I don’t want to lie, I tried it, but only once in my life and I don’t want to try in no more. Some people take drugs for the feeling of happiness that they have after smoking a joint of marihuanna. My opinion is that it is no need to legalize soft drugs. When someone wants to buy or sell a drug he can find a way and don’t need a justice to help him. I heard that soft drugs are not so dangerous and people cannot get addicted. But it depends on the situation.
There is another sort of drugs that are very dangerous. I read an article about a girl who has been hooked on cocaine for four years. She has had a big problems with herself, spent a lot of money for drugs. Her organism wasn’t able to endure this situation and she have to spend some time in the hospital. It was very hard for her and her whole family. When I read it I was happy that I have never been in situation like this and I hope I will never be.
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