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Young People and Society

I am an eighteen years old girl and belong to the generation, which is called young at this moment. Ofcourse it is true. Some say, that youth is the most beautiful time of person’s life and young people have any problems. I don’t agree. I think every generation has her own problems, which she has to go trough. But sometimes we have more power to face the troubles.

Young people are determined into two basic groups. The first, younger group is called teenagers – between thirteen and nineteen years. And people from twenty to thirty are in the second group which has no name at this time. Actually, both this groups have something in common, like some opinions, appetency to have fun and ambitions to change their life.

Teenagers are something between kids and adults, but they usually behave more like the adults. They try to do different things on their own, because they think, they are responsible enough. But sometimes it isn’t so. The life of a teenager is connected with school, different relations between them and people from another sex. Their opinion is usually opposite to their parent’s opinion, what is the good reason to argue. These conflicts effect that parents don’t give them their pocket money and they have to find themselves a job. Because of the school, teenagers cannot have a job, in which they spend more than probably four hours per day. They usually work during the weekend or after the school ends.
Teenagers spend their free time in different clubs, pubs and restaurants. Some of them like to sit at home, reading a book, watching the television or being on an internet chat. Those, who are outgoing like to be with their friends. Some teenagers spend less time at home what leads to the situation that they don’t study enough and have bad marks.
When they finish their school, they have to make decission, what they are able to do. Those, who want to live independently, rent a flat together with their friends. I think it is good way to learn how to live independently. A man can get more of responsibility.

People from the second group can be also determined into two groups. One group means young people, who are still on college. They study and work to earn their living. The second group is original adults who have finished their school and reached the real life. It was said, that people from these both groups are really interested in problems like poverty, diseases, the pollution of our environment, like it was a rule for this generation. But I don’t think so. Every person has his own problems and in more cases he has no time to be upset about problems that we don’t know. I know that it’s cruel, but life is life. However there are still people who are interested in these social problems.

So what’s the difference between these two groups of young people? I think the main is in responsibility. They are little bit older and have more life experiences, which are important. But both of these generations are really near to each other and many people believe that they have an opportunity to change the world.

“ Only a small number of young people join radical youth movements propagating fascism like skinheads or fight against international monopolies like antiglobalists. These groups may become dangerous in the future but nowadays their influence on young people is relatively small.”
Nova maturita z anglictiny, AKTUELL

It is not so long ago when I heard about tragedy that happened in Bratislava, the city where I live. A young student from Trencin decided to spend his free time in the place near Danube with his friends. Suddenly a group of neonacists came there. They started to fight with a boy because of his clothes, length of his hair and a guitar that was he carrying. The mentioned group of neonacists killed that boy, Daniel Tupy and another six people, who were with him have been hurt. I heard, some of them are still in a hospital, but I am not sure. So now I have to say, that the time when the book of new maturita was written is really long ago and the term neonacists and fasicism is quite dangerous. It is true no more, that they are not so dangerous.
Those rightfull divide people not on neonacists, black people, rapers, skinheads and another. The right division of peple is on bad and good. I think every group of people, also the skinheads include people, who have right opinion, but it is their lifestyle. They don’t want to change it, but it doesn’t mean that they are dangerous. On the other hand, person who looks absolutely serious can also kill a lot of people. But it depends…
Generation gap
In general this term means really big difference between two or three generations. I know exactly what generation gap means. I live with my granmother and my mother in the same flat. We moved there six years ago and now we can see, how big mistake we made. Every discussion between me and my granmother ends with an argue. We fight about my clothes, the food I don’t want to eat, music I like, movies that I watch, length of the time that I spend ouside and a way prepare for the school. She is in many ways really old-thinking, like most people in her age.
They have so many life experiences and think they have to protect us from everything. Maybe they don’t know that the society has been changed and the life of our generation is guite different.

In Petrzalka, part of Bratislava, where I live are many cases connected with drugs. In my life I met a lot of people who wanted me to try drugs, but they were only soft. I don’t want to lie, I tried it, but only once in my life and I don’t want to try in no more. Some people take drugs for the feeling of happiness that they have after smoking a joint of marihuanna. My opinion is that it is no need to legalize soft drugs. When someone wants to buy or sell a drug he can find a way and don’t need a justice to help him. I heard that soft drugs are not so dangerous and people cannot get addicted. But it depends on the situation.
There is another sort of drugs that are very dangerous. I read an article about a girl who has been hooked on cocaine for four years. She has had a big problems with herself, spent a lot of money for drugs. Her organism wasn’t able to endure this situation and she have to spend some time in the hospital. It was very hard for her and her whole family. When I read it I was happy that I have never been in situation like this and I hope I will never be.

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