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Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the USA. Chicago is called the metropolis of Middle West. It is nicknamed the “windy city” because of the breezes that blow in from lake.

After the war, people from all over the world came to America and most of them settled in New York.
NY, originally caled New Amsterdam, was a little Dutch town built on a small part of Manhattan (from Indian – Man-a-hat-ta which means Heavenly land). In 1626 the Dutch colonizers bought the island from Indians for 24 dollars. In 1644 the British captured the city and renamed it New York in honor of the Duke of York. They protected the town against Indians by a wooden wall. Now in the place of the wall there is Wall Street which is known as the world´s most important financial centre. After the ar of Independence, NY was the capital of the USA for four years and its first President – George Washington – was inaugurated there in 1789.
NY is the largest city in the USA and one of the largest cities of the world. It has population which has more than 14 milion people. It is an important seaport an the largest business, industrial and cultural centre of the USA. It is also the centre of art world, the media world, the theatre world and the fashion world.
The nicknames of NY are : MELTING POT or BIG APPLE.

There are 5 parts in NY which are called boroughs:
1. Manhattan – the real centre of NY. NY is famous for its Manhattan skyline- a large number of skyscrapers on a small area. The tallest of them are Trade Centre Buildings having 110 storeys. On of the most famous skyscrapers is called Empire State Building. It has 102 storeys and a TV tower at the top. To 11. september 2001 the highest building in NY was the World Trade Center with Tweens Towers. The next famous skyscrapers are Rockefeller Center, Chrysler Building and Pan American Building.
2. Staten Island – there are a lot of lakes and trees, not many people live there
3. Brooklyn – has a famous beach – Coney Beach and a famous shipyard
4. Queens – is the largest borough and a lot of visitors arrive there if they fly because there is the most important airport (one of 3 airports in NY) – the John F.Kennedy International Airport
5. The Bronx – is the only borough on the mainland, all others are on islands; there are a lot of parks and the Bronx ZOO – one of the largest in America

The Statue of Liberty is America’s symbol of freedom or symbol of America’s welcome. “Lady Liberty” was a present from the people of France to people of the United States. She carries a torch in her right hand. In her left hand she holds a law book with the date: “July 4, 1776”. There is a staircase leading into her torch and you must climb 168 steps to reach the top.

Washington doesn’t belong to any state in the USA. D.C. means District of Columbia. Washington is the seat of the Capitol and the White House – the seat of the President. Interesting places in Washington are: the Jefferson Memorial, the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, the Museum of Natural History.

The United States has many outstanding national parks, but its most famous is the Yellowstone NP which is located in north – west Wyoming. Each year millions of tourists come to the park to see its majestic waterfalls, hot termal pools, and erupting geysers.
Grand Canyon NP, Arizona, is one of the Us most spectacular natural sights. Unlike Yellowstone NP which is known for its lovely mountains and breathtaking waterfalls, Grand Canyon NP contains dry and desert environment.
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