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Bratislava is the city where I live. It is a wonderful old city, vhich is full of small shops, restaurants, shoping centers and ofcourse friendly people. Bratislava is officialy separated to more townparts. I think the most famous parts are the old town and Petržalka. It is a big paradox, that two parts of one city can be so different. A boundary between them is our biggest River, Danube.

It is very fast and sometimes also dangerous. On the right bank, there is an Old town with a small harbour, old castle, historical center, Presidents palace,... You can see a part of history here. The most frequent places are Korzo and Obchodná street. Korzo has not as many shops as Obchodná. It is very nice there. You can go to the small cafe which is comfortable and then you can have a look at the Rolands fountain. Obchodná street is really a good place to buying something (for example clothes, shoes, cosmetics, gifts,...) or you can only do the window shopping. In Bratislava are also more shopping centers, like Aupark, Polus, Avion or Shopping Palace.

Aupark is built in Petržalka near the river Danube on the left bank of this river. Petržalka, "concrete jungle" can be proud on more things. Except Aupark, Worlds exhibition center Incheba, railway station and park of Janko Kráľ there are many blocks of flat houses where everyone knows everyone. Like in the village. Despite its nickname "concrete jungle" you can find perfect places to relax in the nature there. For example Petržalkas weir and lake Draždiak.
The capital city of Slovakia has got many beauties. I think words cannot describe how nice it is to live there. Someone who never saw this town cant know how beautiful Bratislava is.
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