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Advantages/disadvantages of our entrance to Europen union
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SR become a member of EU in may 2004 and this is connected whith many discussions out its adventages and disadvantages for us.
The first of all advantages is, that you will get the possibility to work or study in foreign country,For evenybody it sounds very attractive to work in Union countries with high standard of living for a higher wages.
In addition, our university diplomas will be recognize by EU.
Moreover, the foreign investments will increase from funds in 2004-2006 and some projects in regions about their renovation will be financing. More jobs will be created.

We can obtain more useful contacts and experiences and a force for loading new technologgies into the school.
In addition, our legislative is aproaching to the Union´s norms, which are stabler because thea are valid for a longer time.
Our membership with our countries of EU will bring faster economic and social development.
All this advanteges are connected with no frontier and market barriers, which makes easier travelling and working in EU. EU is also a monitory union, it is easier for boreigners to have only one currency in every state.
On the other hand, our entrance to EU has many drawbacks.

Firstly, working in other countries of EU won´t be so much possible, as we thought. The majority of the present Union members closed their work markets for 3 or 7 years for new members.
Only GB and Ireland let their markets free for them. Cause of this, there will be a fight for jobs.
In addittion, EU recognize the diplomas only of few professions, not for all. Also, our credit system on universities is different.It´s preddected, that our experts will more into foreign countries for better conditions.

We miss qualified teachers at school also our school do not have new technologies for studying/ e.g. internet/
Moreover, SR isn´t prepare for pumping money from Union´s funds, because we miss information and skills with preparing of the projects.
In addition. It will be huge market competition in EU and some our companies won´t be able to overcome it and they´ll bancrupt.
Also SR will have problems with shared currency Euro. The Slovak crown´ll be used till 2010.
Inspite of all advantages and disadvantages, when SR wouldn´t enter to EU, our coumtry would lost an admission to the Union´s funds and in few years our country will become isolated and around SR will be built Shenghen frontier.
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