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London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. In London are parks, double decker buses, skyscrapers, demonstrations, Tower, Trafalgar Square, the Buckingham Palace and traffic... In London is very pollution. It’s population is about 9 000 000 citizens. The London has one big river Thames. London consists of 33 small cities, each with their own governments, schools, areas of wealth and poverty and sense of individual identity. Each borough has national government representation and a local council that collects taxes and provides essential services.
The main small cities:

  1. Hammersmith & Fulham
  2. Kensington & Chelsea
  3. Westminster
  4. Islington
  5. Hackney
  6. Southwark
  7. City

I subscribe few historic buildings or places.
The firts is Westminster Cathedral was built in 1895. This eminent cathedral is the principal Roman Catholic Church in London. Made up of 12 million terracotta coloured bricks, brilliant bands of colour streak across the outer walls.
The official residence of Queen Elizabeth II is Buckingham Palace. It opens its doors to visitors in the summer months. Originally acquired by King George III for his wife Queen Charlotte, Buckingham House was increasingly known as the 'Queen's House' and 14 of George III's children were born there.
It is the centre of Lonon's bus network. Trafalgar Square has retained its status as the heart of London, and one of every Londoner's most treasured spots.
Kensington Palace is The birthplace of Queen Victoria. Kensington Palace was also home to Princess Diana between 1981-1997.

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