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Leisure time and hobbies
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1. Introduction

Leisure time is the time that we spend the way we like to spend it, usually after all the work that we have to do is done. Leisure time is the time for fun, time for entertainment and the time for hobbies.
Hobby is a way how to spend a free time and how to relax and to do something that you enjoy. It is also an activity, which keeps you busy and fills up your free time. It gives you a pleasure from what you do and it's always up to you what you choose and you don’t have to pay for it if you don't want to.
To have a hobby is a very important thing because it gives people a space for an outlet from daily routines and problems. People have a need to realize themselves in a different ways than it's their steady job. For young children and teenagers it is the way to develop their skills and talent and of course keep them away from bad things as for example drugs, alcohol or bad company.

2. Sorting hobbies

We can sort hobbies from many different points of view but the very basic sorting is to divide hobbies into girls´ and boys´ ones and men´s and women´s hobbies.
One half of young girls take delight in dancing. They are able to spend hours on training trying various figures and steps and they are proud when people talk about them. The other half is obsessed by singing. They have a clear vision of their future career. All of them are influenced by young teenagers from television screen, dressed in fancy dresses, having a weird hair style and dancing as this would be the last minute of their life.
Another hobby, which drives girls crazy, is keeping a pet. Nowadays it's very fashionable to have a dog, a cat or a white rabbit. To keep a pet is very useful especially if the child is the only child. The pet keeps a company and it gives its owner and opportunity to find and get to know new friends. Other things which boys find very boring are reading the books and needlework. These two things are time consuming but as for needlework this is very useful activity especially when a girl is clever and she makes a lot of nice things. Many girls have a weakness for sports as a volleyball, basketball or athletics. But all girls are dedicated chatterboxes. You can all imagine how long they are able to talk about everything you wouldn't even dream about. But people consider women´s chatting and talking as the one of the most powerful weapons against men.
As for boys´ hobbies they divide their free time among the football, ice hockey, computer games, internet and bodybuilding. These activities depend on the seasons. You can notice many ice-hockey players on the yard when there's an ice-hockey championship on TV and mostly in winter.

During the summer all boys want to become the famous football players. Boys are addicted to various computer games. Of course they like fighting and they can spend hours talking about the cars, their muscles and fights. Boys are proud when they can show off themselves in front of the girls. Even our hobbies change as years go by. Women give up their wished for career of a pop singer or a top model. They become more settled and their interest starts to rotate around their family, fashion, job and health. Many of them adore visiting beauty saloons or keeping fit in the gyms. The others are passionate recipe collectors or they are enthusiastic about baking and cooking. Very practical women´s hobbies are gardening and needlework. It's easy to forget all the problems in the garden when you breathe a fresh air and listen to the birds` voices. On the other hand in winter when you can’t go and work in the garden and evenings are longer than the days it's easy to occupy your hands with needlework as for example crocheting, cross-stitching, knitting or sewing. But these hobbies are more popular in the small cities and villages where there’s a space and conditions for such an interest. Another very fashionable women´s hobby is to take a diet. Women can spend a huge amount of money on a various drinks and cocktails, pills or teas just for their good feeling and satisfaction. But everybody takes up a hobby just for satisfaction. Men´s hobbies are very narrow-minded. They do things just to pretend that they are busy and they don’t have time to help in the household. Not all men are like that but when you ask them about their hobbies most of them aren’t able to answer. Many men are eternal children so they are crazy about watching football and ice hockey but not playing it any more. Some of them have very specifical interests like fishing or hunting. These hobbies are very expensive and the results can't be clearly seen every time they get home. Most of the time the fishermen and hunters bring only stories about their adventures during the fishing or hunting but not fish or a bag. But nature does miracles with people so at least they come home relaxed and cheerful.
A lot of men have a weakness for their friends in the pubs and some like mending cars, playing cards, woodwork or making a plum brandy. Man have a lot of different hobbies some are useful and some are waste of time. It all depends on a certain person and his trades of character.
Among family hobbies belong mushrooming, skiing, hiking, travelling or camping and having the barbecues. Families mostly take up these hobbies when children get interested in it or parents want to fill their free time and have a fun together.
We all consider some hobbies as beneficial ones. These hobbies help us in different ways and are closely linked with our health. These hobbies keep us fit and healthy and hold us away from bad habits. I think that there’s nothing wrong with skiing, swimming, cycling, gardening or mushrooming. These activities bring us relax and satisfaction and good condition, too.

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