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Expressing opinion - I think that...


In my opinion/view
(Personally,) I strongly believe
It seems to me
I see it
As I see it,
If you ask me,
What gets me is
Well, I must say
Well, to my mind
From my point of view
As far as I’m concerned,
The way I see it,
I’m convinced that
I consider


It is argued that
People argue that
Opponents of this view say
Contrary to what most people believe
As opposed to the above

Presenting arguments

- Introduction, sentence starters

First of all
To start with
In the first place
Believe it or not
Everyone knows that
As a general rule
It doesn’t matter where/what/when/who (It doesn’t matter where you go, the FBI agents are always following you.)

- Similarity, introducing additional information, giving example - Also…

Not only… but also
Such as
Such things as these
In the same way
This is/could be supported by
As well as (that)
Moreover /furthermore
Evidence to support this
This can be found in
Apart from that
Besides (this)
What is more
Not to mention (introducing something that makes the situation more interesting/surprising/worse… Climbers have to carry all their equipment on their backs, not to mention their tents and bedding.)
An illustration of this is
By way of illustration
For example/for instance
e.g./eg (an example or series of examples)
Be a case in point (a very good or typical example American presidents are stupid. A case in point is George Bush.)

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