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A Good health
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Health is a state of physical, psychical and social prosperity.
A good health means a longer and a happier life. People must take care of their health. They have to eat healthy food and practise some sport. People should avoid stress situations. People like a strong, healthy and beautiful body. The idea of physical fitness is spread among people nowadays. In the developed countries there are good conditions for health care and a highly developed welfare system.
In the countries of the third world there is a different situation. People are poor, they have no money and they are starving. They suffer from many epidemies (of cholera, malaria, typhus, AIDS)
The WHO (World Health Organization) has aims:
- to organise international medical conferencies
- to develope the welfare systems
- to make medical research
- to do advisory and information service

- to make cooperation and coordination among different countries
- to make the research of cancer and AIDS
- is the most serious disease
- is a viral disease
- impairs the immune system [oslabuje]
- AIDS patients can get the infection very easily
AIDS is transmitted by direct contamination of blood stream with HIV virus. Normal everyday contact with an infected person is safe. Virus is not passed by touching objects used by infected person. The cure vaccine has not been discovered, prevention stands in the centre. There are large publicity campagnes. The campaign´s slogan is: „Don´t die of ignorance!“
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