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Canada is the second largest country in the world, it includes French islands.

- bordered: north – Arctic Ocean, south – USA
- highest peak: Mont Logan
- chief rivers: St. Lawrence, the Ottawa, the Nelson, the Mackenzie, the Frazer, the Columbia, the Yukon
- inhabitants: 25 mil. of different national and cultural groups, 48% British, 31% French, 1% Indians and Eskimo + other minorities
- official languages: English and French
- principal religion: Roman Catolicism, United Church, Anglican Church
- population: mostly 200 miles of the US border
all cities are situated here:
OTTAVA (capital), Montreal,Toronto,Vancouver, Winnipeg, Quebec

Canada is rich in raw materials:
gold, silver, nickel, uranium, copper, zinc, coal, gas, oil
- ⅓ covered with forests => wood, wood products
- highly developed agricultures wheat, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, tobacco,
fur, fishing
- very high living standard, developed market economy, linked to US economy
- chief indrustries: food products, iron, steel, paper ind., transport eguipment,
metal products, chemicals, petroleum refining

Canada is an independent federation within the British Commonwealth, has a govern system inherited from G. B., head of government is the Prime Minister, parliament is the supreme legislative body, it consists of House of Commons and the Senate.
Both languages have equal status in both Houses of Parliament.
Canada is devided into 10 provinces and 2 national territories.

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