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Slovak people in 18th century
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The 18th century is often called „the century of revolutions“. Many revolutions related to the agriculture, medicine, transport and art from 1711 to 1780.

The agriculture was very important but not very well developed. People used to spend almost every day working on the field. Bad social and climatic conditions very often brought vassals to migrate to southern areas with more fertile fields. During these ages two-field system changed to three-field one. People regularly grew potatoes, corn, clover, lucerne, hemp and flax.

Trading developed later than agriculture and brought some new things to Slovakia. The united market was established because of canceling of inner duties. Foreign merchants usually addicted themselves to trading but sometimes home dealers too. They were selling mainly linens, vegetable oils and pharmaceuticals.

During that time, around 1 million people lived in Slovakia and they all had different lives. Number of poeple was rising and at the end of 1780's it achieved a limit of 1 800 000 inhabitans. The increasing amount of people was frequently influenced by diseases. The majority of inhabitants usually didn't move from their houses but around 20 000 people lived a nomad style of life.
Although Slovak people had hard lives they often found some time for entertainment too. They regularly visited each other and sang their own songs together. They were telling themselves their own fairy tales and sayings. The rich used to visit dramatic performances or went hunting animals such as deers and rabbits.
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