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A day in the life of my body

I wake up at 6 am and my brain produces hormones like melatonin and my temperature rise. I go to school and my first lesson is history science and I starting feel hungry because I coverted energy very quickly. Over lesson I take graham bread with vegetable, because it contains fibre, protein and carbohydrate. And then is literature. This is the best time for mental work, because I have a lot of energy and my stress level is low.

At 11 am my brain has used lot of energy and I eat apple or banana, because it complite energy. Now is big meal-break and I talk to friend, because my temperature starts to fall and my stress level is rising and I feel happier. At 1 pm I have lunch. My energy level is low. At 2 pm I feel sleepy as my brain produces melatonin, but I go to play voleyball. At 3 pm I snack some chcolate, as my temperature is rising and my body needs suger for energy.

At 4 pm I´m studing as my memory is at its best. At 6-7 pm I go skating with my friend because my temperature is at its highest, my energy level is high and exercise helps to reduce stress. I have a dinner when I come back home because it´s best time to eat. At 9 pm I go to schower and my temperature starts to fall.
At 10 pm I feel sleepy, because my brain produces melatonin

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