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Job description

Onesteel Industries is a leading australian steel-engineering company based in Brisbane, Australia. Its key business concept is modern metallurgy –processing & distribution. Onesteel operates throughtout Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and Western U.S. In last year company‘s sales exceeded 3 billion USD with 30 000 customers and 6 900 employed staff.

JOB TITLE:Sales Manager
REPORTS TO: Vice-President of Marketing Dept.
MAIN PURPOSE:To create & implement market strategies, trade support.


1. Capabilities: flexibility, initiative, to make immediate decisions
2. To have substantial knowledge of metallurgical products and processing (rails, reinforcing, iron-smelting,..)
3. Previous experience in managerial position
4. Skills: Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook
5. University education and appropriate qualification in statistics in economy, applyied economics and marketing


1. To analyze customer requests.
2. To anticipate market development, changes on supply/demand curve and to find solutions accordingly.
3. To handle advanced statistics.
4. To reach & maintain recommended trade rates.
5. To implement market strategies and increase trade profits.
6. Participation on Marketing department assembly and monthly reports on trade rates and demand preferences.

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