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High Tatras
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Throughout the year the town has a busy cultural life, and is also a well-known
skiing center. Since it hosted the 1970 World Championship, a range of competitive
European and world-class skiing events have been held here, including ski-jumping and
cross-country events. From here, hikers can head for the Mengusovska dolina (valley), the mountain hotel at
Popradske pleso (tarn) and its neighbor the Symbolic Cemetery. 1100 meters above sea level
Founded in 1881
At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, this community was a
site of a hikers training camp. At about the same time, a succession of prominent
individuals (including a Prussian count) built hotels, a spa building and other amenities. The
construction of the sanatorium has changed the original character of the settlement. The
sanatorium, for treating respiratory conditions, was once the largest in Europe, and today
includes a cinema and shops in addition to state of the art therapeutic technology. The
settlement Vysne Hagy is linked to hiking paths, and has good road connection. 1040 meters above sea level
Founded in 1956
The youngest community in the High Tatras formed around a military curative
institution. This history gives it its present character of a very strict regime of
treatment. It is not really a point of interest for tourists, as it has no hotels or
restaurant facilities. Close to the settlement is Danielov dom, one of the centers of nature
conservation in the central High Tatras. 1000 meters above sea level
Founded in 1923
This originated as a training camp for winter combat troops, who actually built many
of the hiking trails in the vicinity. The community still concentrates on recreation for
members of the military, but it is now open for the public as well. The place is in a quiet
area near to the busier Smokovec area, and is also a good starting point for hiking in the
central part of the High Tatras, with European-style accommodation and restaurant
facilities. 995 meters above sea level
Founded in 1875
Originally created as a curative settlement, the first where patients could be
treated through the entire year, it became the most luxurious spa of its period. Gradually
tourist services were added with a skiing center for less demanding skiers.
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