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High Tatras
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facilities for both summer and winter sports can be found here, and there is also housing
for permanent residents.
The settlement is also a starting place for hiking tours into the valleys, and is adjacent to
Stary Smokovec, with which it shares its architectural style. Several quality hotels,
pensions and spa can be found here

990 meters above sea level
Founded in 1793
The town was originally settled around mineral springs, which tourists still enjoy
today. It is now the administrative center of the High Tatras, the home of the Mountain
Rescue Service, and several fine hotels, travel agencies and ski rental services. It is
important junction of the Tatra Railway, linking the most frequented mountain valleys. The
town features shops, banks and currency exchange services. Stary Smokovec, area under the Slavkovsky stit peak, offers visitors a range of
opportunities for recreation, relaxation, delicious cuisine and a great approach for both
more and less demanding hikes. 890 meters above sea level
Founded in 1882
This is a good base for skiing and hiking excursions in the central High Tatras. The
largest center in the Tatras for the treatment of pediatric upper respiratory conditions,
Dolny Smokovec has recently added housing to become one of the main accommodation
centers for those employed here. 850 meters above sea level
Founded in 1892
This largest of all Tatra settlements contains several functions. It is a real center
of tourist activity, offering ski slopes in nearby Skalnate Pleso (tarn), good transportation
connections, accommodation which ranges from camping sites to luxurious hotels such as
Grandhotel Praha, and the Museum of the National Park and the botanical gardens of the
Park's Nature Exposition. It is also the seat of the administration of the Tatran National
Park. Visitors can enjoy their spare time in casinos, fitness centers, swimming pools or at
cultural and entertainment facilities. In the community you will also find shops, services
and vacation homes. Picnic meadows, sporting facilities, and a horseracing track are also in
the vicinity, and mountaintops and other hiking attractions can be reached on foot or by
cablecar. In the winter, toboggan runs and other winter sports round out the activities. 885 meters above sea level
Founded in 1884
The original settlement here was a sheep farm. By the time it was officially
founded, it hosted sanatoriums, which were later changed to recreational facilities and
finally completed with the construction of sport centers. It is good starting point for
hiking in the east part of the High Tatras.
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