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High Tatras
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760 meters above sea level
Founded in 1882
The Belianska Cave was discovered in 1881, and a year later the settlement was
initiated. Four medical houses were built, later to be changed to curative sanatoriums for
treating general respiratory conditions. In addition to that a new pavilion that which
specialized in applying speleotherapy (respiratory therapy in natural caves) was
established. The Belianska Cave is of course open to the public, and the settlement also serves as
a small tourist resort. 902 meters above sea level
Founded in 1888
Originally a tourist center, the settlement became a dormitory for forest workers,
and a nature educational center was constructed as well. Kezmarske Zlaby is a good
starting point for exploring Dolina Zeleneho Plesa (the Valley of Green Tarn). MLYNICKÁ A FURKOTSKÁ DOLINA
Facts about the hike:
? Total Hiking time: 6-8 Hours
? Difficulty level: Medium
? Trail mark colors: Yellow, Red, Blue
Vertical profile:
- Strbske Pleso: 1,355m
- Skok waterfall: 1,700m
- Bystre sedlo: 2,314m
- Solisko: 1,950m
- Strbske Pleso: 1,355m
Mlynicka Dolina is one of the most beautiful valleys in the western part of High
Tatras. The hike starts on the north end of the Hotel FIS complex (behind the swimming
pool). Follow the yellow marked trail, which rises by the terraces of Mlynicka Dolina valley. After walking for 90 minutes, the Skok waterfall and the lake over Skok appear. After a
further 120 minutes the end of the valley is reached, the Strbsky Stit dominating the
landscape. The Bystre-sedlo pass at 2,314m is the highest point on this hike. After
crossing the pass the Furkotska valley is entered and from here descends continually
passing the Wahlenberg Lake to the junction on the red marked trail, which brings the
hiker back to Strbske pleso. This takes about 150 minutes. Less enthusiastic hikers can
leave by the yellow marked trail located in the middle of the valley and, by turning left to
the blue trail, can reach the Solisko chalet in 20 minutes. From this point it is possible to
take a chair lift down to Strbske pleso. However, for those who prefer a challenge, 45
minutes over the Solisko chalet there is a Predne Solisko peak (2,093). The trails are open
from the 1st July until 31st October.
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