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High Tatras
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From this point descend to Tatranska
Lomnica by folllowing the green marker along the winter ski trail (60 - 90 minutes). The
hike is open all year but in the case of avalanche danger, the section Zamkovskeho hut to
Skalnate pleso may be closed. MESTO

In Slovakia, the heart of Europe, you will find the most compact high mountain range
of the world - The High Tatra Mountains. The unusually composed town of Vysoke Tatry
covers the entire High Tatra mountain range. This town was originally made up of fifteen
small Tatran settlements formed over time, gradually developed into an integrated area,
which counts among its features recreation and sporting facilities, curative sanitoria for
various conditions and permanent residences. It is in many ways an unequalled symbiosis of
development and conservation of the natural environment.

Tatranská horská služba
This service was established in the High Tatras in 1950. At this time, ever-
increasing tourism was resulting in more accidents than the service's forerunners (a
volunteer corps, for example) could manage. The Tatras' Mountain Rescue Service was
charged not only with high-mountain rescue, but also with accident prevention. Today, the
Service's activity has expanded, and now, with its 21 workers and the help of volunteers, it
is responsible for:

? nonstop day and night service at the Mountain Rescue Service headquarters in Stary
? rescue of those injured while hiking or climbing
? patrols throughout TANAP
? in winter, special trail marking
? lecturing for courses, tour groups and recreational purposes
? and more other…

The Poprad-Tatry Airport
The Poprad-Tatry Airport is one of the highest lying in Europe; at its altitude of 718
meters above sea level, it is higher than Innsbruck, Austria. The gateway to four national
parks, and to historical towns and settlements in Spis and Liptov regions, it serves winter
sports and summer hiking centers in the Low and High Tatras, and in Spis and Orava. Cesta Slobody
The main surface transport is via a road known as Cesta Slobody. This passes
through all resort areas, and continues to Liptovsky Hradok in the west and Lysa Polana on
the border with Poland to the north. Other roads lead down to the villages and towns of
the Podtatranska kotlina basin. Railways

The railways made their first inroads in 1871, when the Tatra region first became
accessible to the Kosice - Bohumin railway.
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