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High Tatras
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High Tatras -project work

940 meters above sea level
Founded in the 15th century
Originally a mining settlement, Podbanské gradually transformed through the
centuries, first into a shepherding community and in the 19th century centered around a
sawmill. By the middle of this century it had developed as a tourism center, and its earlier
agricultural functions gradually died out. For those who prefer easy walks, Podbanské
offers some of the longest trails with the smallest changes in elevation within the High
Tatras. The settlement is a starting place for tours and small skiing center. The Podbanské
area has a very good road connection, with good accommodations and restaurants in one of
the High Tatras' more quiet settings. 955 meters above sea level
Founded in 1926
The settlement developed in the second quarter of our century as a group of
pensions and small recovery-homes, a function, which continues even now. However, Horny
Smokovec is also a starting point and accommodation center for hikers. 1005 meters above sea level
Founded in 1888
The focus of this settlement is the treatment of respiratory conditions at a local
spa; its earlier tradition as a major sporting center has declined a bit in recent years. Located beneath the highest peak of the High Tatras, Gerlachovský stit (2655 m a.s.l.),
and at the base of the valley known as Velicka dolina, Tatranska Polianka offers road
access to the Velicke pleso tarn. The settlement is surrounded by predominantly evergreen
forests, and is rightly proud of its especially pure air. It is easily accessed by rail and road
(bus or car). 915 meters above sea level
Founded in 1927
This settlement grew out of a group of pensions, the largest of which became an
international recreation center for children. The place is the starting point for tours, both
to central and eastern parts of the High Tatras. 1335 meters above sea level
Founded in 1872
This is the highest settlement in the High Tatras, originally formed around an
almost 20 hectare lake, the second largest on the Slovak side of the High Tatras. Strbske
Pleso was founded as a hiking center, and later new curative houses, recreation facilities
and a top sport complex were built. It is excellently connected to transportation links, and
serves as a good starting point for a host of hiking excursions and day-trips in the
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