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Eastertime is lots of fun,
That's when the Easter bunny comes,
Put your basket out and wait,
Then you can gain lots of weight;
Wake up when the church bells ring,
Then go to church and sing and sing

Easter in America

Easter in America is celebrated on a Sunday. The holiday has lost much of its religious
significance. Instead of going to church, many Americans travel, go shopping or go to watch sporting
events such as baseball. A popular activity for children is the painting of "Easter eggs". The children
use many different colors and many of the eggs are quite beautiful. Also there is something called an
"Easter egg hunt". Parents hide the Easter eggs all over the house and reward the children with
present of chocolate or candy when they find them. Easter in Great Britain

The British do not celebrate Easter like Slovaks do. They have no willow canes and pouring
perfumes and whipping traditions. On Easter Sunday - in the morning - people go to church for a
special Easter service. People usually send Easter cards to their friends and relatives. These cards
decorate their homes over the Easter holiday. Hot crossed buns can be bought in shops and
supermarkets. They are a kind of bread bun with a white cross on their surface. It symbolizes the
death of Christ on the cross. Hot cross buns are delicious when they are sliced in half, tasted and
then spread with butter. Children receive big chocolate eggs on Easter morning. They are hollow
inside and they contain a packet of sweets. The British have no special meal at Easter but they
usually eat a "Sunday Roast" consisting of roast beef, turkey, lamb or pork with boiled vegetables,
roast potatoes and gravy. The Friday before Easter Sunday is called Good Friday. Christ was
crucified on this day. The day after Easter Sunday is called Bank Holiday Monday. All official
premises are closed and no one has to go to school. Easter in Slovakia

Boys chase girls and they whip them with a willow cane. Some f them have water in a bucket
or a bottle and they splash girls with it. Some boys also spray girls with perfume. When they are
finished, boys are rewarded with painted eggs and money.

Easter Bunny – that is person like a Santa Claus, but he is dressed like a bunny. Easter Bonnet – that are a hat, typical for American womans. Lent – it is time when people don't eat meat, chocolates and no drink alcohol. It begins 40 days
before Easter Sunday.
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