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New York
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But not only Falls are so beautiful in Niagara Reservation. These are also lots of other places that you must visit there.
• State Park Visitor Center –Tower viewing, elevator to the base of the Falls, Maid of the Misit boat ride.
• Luna Island –Cave of the Winds trip, Bridal Veiv Falls.
• Terrapin Point- Overlook of the Horseshoe Falls.
• Tree Sisters Islands- Cross footbridges to stand next to the rapids.
• Schoelkopf Geological Museum- With access to the nearby Aguarium of Niagara Falls.
• Heliport- Helicopter rides soar above the Falls, gorge and surrounding parklands.

...Yes, NY is blessed with thousands of crystal lakes for the idyllic lakeside vacation, perfect for swimming, boating. Cruises are popular of many of the larger New York State lakes. Many communities have private resort hotels.
• Chautauqua Lake in Western New York offers camping, resorts and sailing.
• The eleven Finger Lakes, which Native Americans believed were formed by God´s hand pressing into the land rolling countryside rich with vineyards. The lakes, whit Natine American names Seneca, Cayuga and and communities whit such European names as Naples, Geneva.
• Lake Champlain, New York´s northeastern boundary, is delightful for sailing and boating.
• Lake George in the Adirondacks is „queen of the American lakes “.This 32-mile long beauty provides abur camping, boating, even para-sailing. The resort village of Lake George offers shops and restaurants.You are allowed to spend an afternoon or evening on one of several sightseeing cruises on Lake George, highlighting the lake´s history.
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