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New York
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The biggest wonder in the state New York is the city of the same name... NEW YORK CITY that never sleep called also the BIG APPLE is the most visited city in the world. It is younger city then its European cousins are. Henry Hudson was searching for a sea route to Asia. He entered the river, which is now named after him, and discovered a twelve mile island which the Indians called Manhattan. Dutch settlers bought the island from the Indians for 24 dollars.They called it New Amsterdam.The city became New York already after coming the British.
Today N.Y.C. is divided on 5 parts:Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx Richmond and all have lots of peculiarities which has not any other ones in the world and which make it the most marvellous city of the blue planet

The statue of liberty
...the first symbol you can see and know you´re in NY, 46 meters tall, standing on an island 2 miles from Manhattan, symbolizes freedom throughout the world. It is a woman escaping the chains of tyranny, vhich lie at her feet. Her left hand holds a tablet with the date July 4, 1776, the day the Unatid States declared its independense from England. In fact it was a gift from France to America in 1886.

Central park
…blot of verdure among New Yor k´s skyscrapers. This was meant to be an area of peace in the city. It is known for its beautiful gardens, ponds, playgrounds, bird sanctuaries, zoo.Every New Yorker love jogging, cycling, roller-blading, tennis, baseball or also concerts in this park.It lies between 58th and110th street and 5th and 8th avenue.Its construction costed 100 milion dollars.The most famous park of world visits almost 20 milion people a year.

Empire state building
...tower over the skyline with 102 floors and 448metres tall is it the highest skyscraper in NY and also one of the highest ones in the world. There is the most beautiful view on city trom the top of it. .

The NY public library of the greatest libraries in the world,a collection of more then 29 million books, prints maps, pistures, newspapers, magezines,journals in over 3000 languages.It has a collection of 100,000 views of New York or also 300,000 poscards of it.This library is not ordinary. Why ? This library helps to people all over the world.How ? Every year its employees answer about135,000 questions such as: „What are the names of Santa Claus´ reindeer,how many books are written in 1985 or where is the Leech lake.All what they are able to find in 29 million books...

The second big wonder of this state are the...

...experiencsze the sheer magic of millions of gallons of water falling from the sky. More than 100 years old- the oldest state park in the nation- New York´s Niagara Raservation State Park covers more than 400 acres of land of vhich 300 is under water. Incredibly, the entire acreage was bought in April of 1885 for roughly1.5 million dollars.Many changes have been made and many attractions built since Frederic Law Olmsted´s ideas helped shape the design of the Niagara Reservation. Still, the beauty and the strong of the surrounding nature and the Falls itself that Olmsted sought to capture for his generation remains to amaze us today.

Niagara Falls facts
• Lass than 10% of the water flows over the Amerisan Falls with the balance flowing over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. It´s the massive volume of the water that flows over the Horseshoe Falls that gives it its green color.
• The average depth of the water below Niagara Falls is 170 feet (52m), vhich is as deep as the Niagara Gorse banks are high.
• The water that flows over Niagara Falls comes from 4 of the 5 Great Lakes: Erie, Huron, Michigan and Superior. From the Falls, the water travels down the Niagara River to Lake Ontario, then to the St.Lawrence River and finally to the Atlantic.
• Originally, 6060 cubic meters per second or 5.5 billion gallons per hour of water flowed over Niagara Falls. Now, however, half this water is diverted for power by the USA.
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