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Jennifer Lopez: Biography
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Actress and singerin Jennifer Lopez was born on 24th July 1970 in Bronx,NY.She ever wants to act and as a little girl her parents gave her into an act school.She left the high school when she was 16 and she played in her first movie,which was about simple relationships and love.However,she doesn’t have a talent only for actting and all her childhood she was dancing latino.Her parents (her father is a mobile operator and her mother is a teacher) went from Puerto Rico to New York before Jenny was born.She is the middle of three sisters.

When she was 17,she met her manager,who took her to the music studio.He was excited,that Jennifer has an amazing voice,a beautiful body (like a guitar) and she want to taste the big world of pop music.At the age of 18 J.Lo started her star carrier with her first album called ”On the 6”.From this album are songs like ”If you had my love” or ”Let’s get loud”.The song ”Waiting for tonight” was sang before unbelieveble amount of people on Millenium 2000 on stage in New York.
Jennifer was always a big opponent of Mariah Carey,spite Mariah has a stunning 5-octave voice.At Jenny’s second album,which’s name is simple-J.Lo,she definitely showed her love for latino.In the fact album doesn’t make a lot of world hits,but from the most known is song ”Play”.After she had a success
also on music scene,became problems in her intimity.She reputiated in 2001 with her first husband Ojani Noah,but they stayed friend for today.

When she was making a clip for a track from her third LP ”This is me…then” (the song is called ”Love don’t cost a thing”),she falled in love with a dancer Chris Judd.A few months later they had a wonderful wedding on West Coast,in L.A.Her third album was all about hip hop,no doubt,Jenny growed up in a city,which breaths with this style.There are many featurings with rapers,for example ”Jenny from the block” with Styles & Jadakiss or ”I’m gonna be alright” with Nas.This LP is the most successful album from all,that has Jennifer done.

Her personal life was often in magazines,especially when she broked up again and her boyfriend was a famous actor Ben Affleck.Last year Jenn made for now her last LP ”Rebirth”.From this album are songs like ”Get right” or ”Hold you down”.She is now married with Marc Anthony and she’s looking forward to have a baby in summer.
Jennifer Lopez become the most succesful latino singer of all times and she has sold about 20 million albums.
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