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Unusual Weekend
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One weekend my friend and I went to the mountains. It was a beatiful cold day, when Mary and I went skiing. We went on a big mountain. There weren´t any people there, so we were happy. We talked about the weather, when we suddenly heard a scream.

We saw a young girl. She screamed because she fell in a hole. She couldn´t do anything, because she was lodge in the hole. We had to helped her!
At first, Mary went to a nearly city and called the emergency services. Meanwhile, I waited with the girl. She told me she felt a smart. I think she was in a shock. The waiting for emergency services took us three hours. That was unbelievable! Then an ambulance came. They helped her and everything was OK in the end, but the girl had broken her leg and arm.

A nurse thanked us and we were happy that we helped someone. So that was a hard day in my life, but I have a good feeling today, too.
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