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A letter to my friend
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Dear Kate,

This is .....(your name). Remember me? We met on holiday in Croatia. We haven´t met each other for about 6 years.
So, how are you? What are you doing, now? What are your interests now? When we met, you were at primary school and I think you are at some high school, aren´t you?
I am studying at grammar school in....(city). That isn´t very easy. Oh, I don´t watch cartoons, but I watch some thrillers or horrors at this time:-). I prefer house and techno to latino music, now. I am learning social dances and it is quite good. I have met with a very beatiful, cut and nice boy. He loves me and I love him. It´s perfect, don´t you think?
Well, a long time has gone and I have to go to sleep, because tomorrow it will be a dificult day.

All the best,
........(your name)
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