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When people think about California, they imagine a sand, surf and sun-tanned bodies. However, the 31st state of the USA offers much more than this.

It is said that it´s easy to become a millionaire there. Some people believe that the American dream comes true in California.
Like the rest of America, California´s written history is quite short. Before the arrival of Europeans, different Indian tribes lived on this land. They spoke their own languages. California was discovered by the Spanish explorer in 1524. Spanish colonisation began in 1769. California was under the control of Spain and then Mexico. But after a brief war it became the state of the USA.

California is a big state. From north to south it measures about 800 miles and from east to west 250 miles, so it´s the third largest state in USA. It´s landscape is very varied. It´s a home of Hollywood and therefore many of America´s most glamorous actors and actresses live there. However, there is more than this, as it is also the centre of west coast music which has inspired many artists and bands.

It´s also a vrey good place for people who are more interested in sightseeing because there are many famous places to visit. One of them is San Francisco with its Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Prison, and Los Anfeles with Hollywood, Venice Beach and Beverly Hills. Very favourite are the sports in California, especially basketball, baseball and football. Moreover, people swim in the see and also ski on mountains there for all year.
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