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Bullying at school
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Bullying exist above all at schools and sometimes it exist at works. Bullyying causes a big mental pain and erosis of everyday life. Victim of bullying are above all defenceless kids,who are a little bit different from others kids. Kids who are very small or fat, who just have a different hair colour or wear different clothes, who are new at school or kids who wear glasses are victim of bullies. It isn´t just bois who are bullies. Girls can be bullies, too. The boys bullies usually by force and girls bullies usually by words. But words can hurt just as much as being punced or kicked. Bullies are often the fashion leaders at schools. They are usually popular and they have a lot of friends. Every year about ten young people kill themselves because they are bullied at school. I think, that bullying is wrong and I don´t want a victim.
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