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The Bermuda Triangle
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The Bermuda Triangle a.k.a. The Devil’s Triangle
•1881 : A ship was sailing with no one onboard. What happend to crew?
•1945 : How can the 5 navy aeroplanes of Flight 19 just disappear?
•1973 : A strange underwater ship looks like it’s going to hit a small boat.Why? What can it be?
•When a clear sky turns to an unearthly yellow, can the flying boat reach safety?

This much, and much more questions are asked about the Bermuda Triangle.

Over 1.500 people have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. It is certainly the strangest piece of water in the world.
The main part of the Triangle lies between southern Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. But, odd thing also happen in the Sargasso Sea an all the way south to Barbados. Boats in these waters are foun empty. Their crews have disappeared. Sometimes the boats or the ships go missing as well. Planes flying over the Triangle are never seen again. Compasses and other instruments stop working. Pilots and ships’ captains tell of a yellow fog that surrounds them, so that they can’t tell where they are, or in what direction the are travelling. And, very often, nothing is found afterwards. This is very strange. Usually, when a ship sinks, some people manage to get into small boats. Even if nobody lives to tell the story, there should be some things from the ship floating on the sea.
What can be happennig?

A Natural Explanation?
Some people do not believe that there is anything strange about the Triangle. They suggest natural reasons for some of disappearances.
The are is known for its unusual weather. Sudden storms are common. Some weather conditions can produce waterspouts. These are columns of quickly turning water that can travel at very high speeds. One of them could easily break up a small boat or a low flyin-plane. And while waterspouts can be seen during the day, they are much more of a problem at night. Also, there are many movements at the bottom of the sea in the area. These can suddenly cause very big waves, sometimes over 50 metres high.

In the seas aroundthe Bahamas, there are also very powerful currents, and the depth of the sea can change quickly, too. It can be very shallow a long way from land, then the bottom might drop down to 3.000metres or more. North of Puerto Rico there is a very deep hole in the ocean floor. One part of it, known as the Milwaukee Depth, goes all the way down to 9.200 metres. In the seas like these, it is not too hard to imagine that broken parts of planes and boats might just disappear.

There is another curios thing about the Triangle. The place that a compass points to, magnetic north, is located exactly at the North Pole. In most parts of the world, a compass needle would point a little to one side or the other of tru northHowever, part of Bermuda Triangle is one of the two areas in the world where magnetic north and true north are on the same line. This can make it difficult to find directions. The other are, on the opposite side of the world, is to the south-east of Japan and is known as the Devil’s Sea. Many ships and planes have disappeared there as well. It is feared almost as much as the Bermuda Triangle.

Out of this World
There are many strange theories about what could be going on. There haave been more report of UFO ( Unidentified Flying Object ) over the are of the Triangle than anywhere else of the same size in the world. Some people have suggested that area is UFO huntig ground, where humans are kidnappped and taken to the other worlds. But then again, why would the UFO kidnapp us people. It has just no meaning to me. If they have the knowlege and the machines to come over here to the earth and hide themselves like this, I just do not think that they need us “stupid humans”. Because if you just think about it for a second, we can not get anything behind the planet Pluto, and they can come from another dimension, which can be many, many years of travelling for us. And they can maybe get here in seconds. It has absolutely NO MEANING!!!

The UFO would certainly have a good choice, because the seas and skies there are crowded with many planes and boats.
Another suggestion is that the Triangle is some kind of window connecting this world to another dimension. Under certain conditions things might move from this life into another. It maybe heaven for us, or hell.....Or either. Many reporter talk of a similiar things – like the sky and the sea becoming the same colour.
Even the space shuttle has lost compass directions and radio contact when flying over the Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps, the wildest idea of all that is, that the missing people are taken away by Atlantians!The story of Atlantis, which appears in the works of Greek philosopher Plato, tells of scientifically progressive city that sank beneath the sea thousands of years ago. The American faith healer Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) said that Atlantis would be found near the Bahamas 1968. In the year, a long line of regular stones, like a road or a wall was found underwater near Bimini.

This was an ipressive prediction, but it does not really help to explain anything. Although more lines of stones have been found since, we can not prove that they were placed there by people. It is quite possible that they are natural rock formations. And, of course, it is rather difficult to believe to believe that there are people living under the sea!
Liek all theories about the Bermuda Triangle, the closer you look at this one, the less you learn. We can only hope, that one day a solution to this mystery will be found.
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