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J. F. K.

JFK was born 29. may in Broklinne, Massachusetts. His father was american ambassador in UK and long time he promoting Hitler jewish politics. JFK was selected in president USA of 20. January 1961. He was 35 president USA. Over his work, he makes many for people black skinn, who him very grateful. Kennedy was popular his saying: ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Million specators saw his television programm wit republic R. N. Nixon. Kennedy was winner and he became first Roman Catholic president USA. 12. spetember he has wedding with Jacqueline Kennedy.

Known was and thankfulness Bay pig. It was on Cuba, when to ability got Castro. Castro subdued american hotel, everythink. On Kennedy began pressure, that he attacked on Cuba. When they however discovereted, Cuba men waited for them and american it must ended. And it was problem and president lot of people hated. JFK was democrat and up to his death was defendat than dirrty comunis. It was because he had friendly relationship with Russian prezident Chruscov. His death it is it, what stayed not discover. JFK was killed 22. november 1963 on Elm street in Dallas. JFK was sign new free.

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