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Teen charged in shooting to tried as adult - an article to project My Small Newspaper
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A 15 year old boy accused of shooting five teenagers in gang related drive by shooting in Bronx last month will be tried as an adult.

Court commissioner James Brown decided that Phil Wick of New York will be tried as a juvenile of first degree for intentional shooting five people in Bronx at night of June 14. Two were seriously injured and rest three victims died. „Due to the violent nature of the offence, it would have been a travesty to try (Wick) as a juvenile,“ said Robert Nacke. As an adult, Wick faces 39 years and 9 months to 51 years and 3 months in prison if convicted on all five counts. The trial is set for July 18 in conjuction with the trial of Wick´s 18 year old brother, Richard, who has been charged with complicity for driving car used in the shooting. Phil Wick is expected to be transferred from the county´s juvenile facility to the Grant County Jail after hearing the verdict. Witnesses told judge that the car drove past the busy street in Bronx at about 9 p.m. where a group of teenagers sat at a grassy picnic area. Wick was sitting in the front passenger seat of the car and shot at the group, firing at least 10 shots. By chance all of the victims are members of a gang made up of mostly Black American teenagers. Apparently there were several argues between members of Black American gang and a gang that Wick was member of. Investigators believe that they will soon discover all the facts about this horrible action.
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